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OOC Information:
Name: Enzel
Are you over 15? Yep!
Contact: AIM: Terra in Pyjamas, PMs work too

IC Information:
Name: Daja Kisubo | Reincarnated: 
Canon: The Circle of Magic books by Tamora Pierce
Age: 18 (by Will of the Empress) | Reincarnated: 20
Preincarnation Appearance: Minuiko does better fanart than the book covers.
Any differences: Nope, other than the fact that she's got less muscle since her job doesn't require the amount of physical labor blacksmithing does. The PB I'm using for her is the actress Christine Adams.
Preincarnated History:  Wiki link!

What happened to your character in their canon? You don't need to explain the entire series to us, just the relevant parts, and some context to make sure it makes sense. Headcanon should be written in italics.

If you prefer you may write a bare-bones history and post a link to a resource that covers more details.

If the character is an original character, please outline the world they live in as well.
Reincarnated History: What happened to your character that got them to this point in their normal, human life? While a lot of information isn't necessary here, please give us a clear picture of who they are now and where they'll be headed in the context of the game.

First Echo:
What caused their first Echo, and what did it give them? Players may choose events from the timeline or a canon reoccurence. Keep these Echoes simple, but meaningful.

Preincarnation Personality:
What sort of person were they in their past life? Headcanon should be clearly marked in italics. This section is important, as it helps us gauge your grasp on the character, so spare no expense here.

Any differences:
You are encouraged to deviate from the original personality in three or four major ways, with as many changes made to make their personality logical to the setting. If the personality does not differentiate significantly, revisions may be asked for.

What abilities did your character's Preincarnation have? To what extent were they used? Include any equipment they had access to and any skills they had. Headcanon should be indicated in italics, as before. You may write a brief synopsis and link to a more detailed resource if you wish. Favor conciseness here, and try to limit (or else otherwise elaborate upon) canon terminology to avoid confusion.

Roleplay Sample – Third Person:
Some form of extended prose exhibiting strong voice and key behaviors of your character. If the voice is weak or the characterization appears to be off, revisions may be asked for.

Roleplay Sample - Network:
Same as above, but in network-style format.

Any Questions? If you need to clear up any lingering questions or concerns, here's the place to do it.
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Countries not shown: Aliput, Yanjing, Ragat, Pajun

Lightsbridge University is in Karang, to the northeast of Emelan

South of the Pebbled Sea: the Long Strait, the Bight of Fire, the Endless Ocean


Daja lived on board the Third Ship Kisubo until she was eleven. It sank in a storm, and she was the only survivor. She was rescued by Niklaren Goldeye.

Her immediate family consisted of her mother and father, her older brother Uneny, and her younger sister, age nine at the time.

She was beaten as a child for watching metalsmiths at their craft.

The staff she received from Tenth Caravan Idaram has the caravan symbol, a many-pointed star on the cap. below it is pictured a sinking ship framed by two flames. She adds more to it as she experiences things.

She is the first mage known to create the Great Square of King Zuhayar the Magnificent out of pure (fire) magic.


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azigazi - mirage
bijili - an object that stores magic
Blue Traders - those who work from boats, either in fresh water or at sea
daka - high caste negotiator; brings profit to the caravan
gilav - caravan leader, about the same rank as a mayor
hamot - idiot, chump
jishen - parasite. refers to pirates
kaq - "dirt underfoot", the lowest kind of non-Trader
lugsha - craftsperson, artisan, one who provides goods that earn money
mimander - a Trader mage, always robed and veiled in bright yellow
pijule fakol - afterlife for those who don't pay their debts
qunsua(nen) - to cleanse--literally "to wash/ward off bad luck so it does not stick"
saati - a non-Trader friend of the heart, as dear as family
shalandiru - an oared warship w/ triangular sails
suraku - a survival box. A leather chest lined with spelled copper containing food and water, kept everywhere on ships.
trangshi - outcast, unclean, cursed, nameless
Tsaw'ha - Trader name for themselves, literally "the People"
uvumi - patience
White Traders - land Traders, those who travel in sand or snow
wirok - low-status person who spends money on needed items like food, repairs

Street slang

Bag/Money-Bag - rich person
bleater - insult
neb - nose
tumble - fight. n. also to tumble, v. - have sex with
"stuff yourself" - go away, equ. of "screw you"
sniffer - a pathetic/overemotional person
scorching - good


shakkan - a bonsai tree
coldbox - an icebox/old fashioned refrigerator
felucca - a small sailing ship with lateen (triangular) sails
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 Trader Koma - The Trader god. Known for "peculiar acts".
Bookkeeper Oti - Koma's wife. Keeps the log books for the lives of Traders.

Runog - water god. known for "Runog's Fire", a ghostly green light that can be seen on ships' masts in stormy weather.
Yalina - goddess of water

Mila of the Grain - goddess of the earth
Green Man - Mila's consort, plant god

Hakkoi* - god of fire/smithing, and the law
Shurri Firesword - goddess of fire and warriors

Asaia Bird-Winged - goddess of air

Yanna Pain-Taker/Healtouch - goddess of healers. Also the goddess of love.

Lakik the Trickster - god of luck. called upon to give bad luck to enemies

Onini -  goddess of flower sellers

Urda - unknown. assumed to be the patron of the poor, as her name comes up in "Urda's House", a hospital for those who can't usually afford one. Briar also mentions the goddess having "a stake in" Flick's recovery from the blue pox.

Harrier the Clawed - god of provosts, guards and thief-takers

*originally written as Hakoi in the first two books


(god) protect/shield us
Oti log this
Lakik's teeth
Urda's womb
Hakkoi scorch me

donkey dung, cat dirt (some of Sandry's favorites)

"Trader, watch over those of our kindred, in port or at sea. Send them fair winds to speed them home."
-Blue Trader prayer spoken before sleeping


Gods' circle -  draw a circle on your chest over your heart to ward off evil
Grace/food blessing - cross your arms over your chest, palms on your shoulders

Trader vow - frame your eyes with two fingers
Trader prayer for protection - place one fist on top of the other, as if climbing a rope


Shurri's Forge - the center of the earth.

Traders have small shrines with candles, incense and figures of their gods to pray to in their rooms. They also wave incense in the air and corners of rooms to ward off nightmares.

Scarlet is the Trader mourning color.


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 January - Wolf Moon
February - Storm Moon
March - Carp Moon
 Sunborn (spring equinox)
April - Seed Moon
May - Goose Moon
 Wild Night (Beltaine)
June - Rose Moon
 Midsummer (summer solstice)
July - Mead Moon
August - Wort Moon
September - Barley Moon
 Coldborn (autumn equinox)
October - Blood Moon
 Dead's Night (Halloween)
November - Snow Moon
December - Hearth Moon
 Longnight (winter solstice)

Notes: this is the official calendar listed in Will of the Empress. In previous books, other months like "Sap Moon" are mentioned, but they seem to have been discarded to follow this calendar later on.

The week



Briar: twentieth Goose Moon
Tris: sometime in Wolf Moon
Rosethorn: Longnight. She celebrates at Midsummer instead.

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